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Te Aroha

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." Mahatmah Ghandi.

There is a shift occuring in the collective consciousness - from the Love of Power to "The Power of LOVE" This shift is calling us to stand together; to find strength in this new wave of Beingness.

We know the power of one person's thought - imagine a wave of millions around the world sending thoughts of Love, Hope and Peace to all.   

New Zealand is know to be the country of the first light. 
We have a beautiful  Waiata/ song: 
"Te Aroha":- 
Te Aroha              - Love
Te whakapono      - Hope/Faith/
Te rangimarie       - Peace
Tatou tatou e        - Be amongst us all! 


Te Aroha Dance from New Zealand~ Dance led by Jamilla with help from Halima and Nur Jehan Alauddin Ottinger ~Drum Habib Levison ~Guitar Boulder Colorado Summer 2005

One must stand peacefully but firmly before all influences that disturb one's life…Once peace is developed in a soul, that soul feels such a great power and has such a great influence upon those who approach it and upon all upsetting conditions and jarring influences coming from all sides. Just as water makes the dust settle down, so all jarring influences settle down under the feet of the peaceful.” Hazrat Inayat Khan