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About Our New Eden

“Our New Eden” has the wonderful and beautiful imagery of the “Garden of Eden”, full of the abundance that nature can provide, a complete picture where all our needs are met. For me, it is also about living in Harmony and Peace, in the Oneness of all life. It is about finding Unity within the Diversity that is life today.

My Name is Mary Dwen.  "Reading and distributing the “Ringing Cedar Series” of books, by Vladimir Megrè, opened my heart to knowing that there is a way forward for the people. Anastasia, a recluse living in the Siberian forest, shares with Vladimir many amazing, profound, ancient yet practical wisdoms.  Her unique outlook on gardening, child-rearing, healing, Nature, sexuality, religion, rekindled my own innate wisdoms.  This book gave voice to what I knew or had sensed for a long time to be true, encouraging me to stand in the truth of my life, giving me discernment to separate the Real world from the unreal.  I began to see a way forward…. and HOPE for the future!

I wonder in awe as to what the picture of the “jigsaw-puzzle of life” will look like when we are all willing to each be our unique piece of the Divine puzzle. It reminds me of the day one of my children said, “I’m different Mummy,” “What do you mean, Darling?”  “I’m not the same as other kids.” “No, you’re not, Love, but I want you to look at your brothers and sister, Mummy and Daddy, none of us are the same as each other and yet we are one family.  We are all different and yet unique in our own special way….”   was my response. We receive so much through Our children’s authenticity, listening to the questions they ask.

“We are the Co-creators of the future; we are called to act now for Our children and Our children’s children.” This makes me constantly ask myself the question, “What can I do today towards re-creating Paradise on Earth?” Be it one small action, every step no matter how small, is a step. In my case it is by being a Mother, a wife, a healer, a teacher, a friend, a gardener. Most of all it is about being the best advocate I can for Our children.

"We each have a light within us
when we are willing to be that light
It ignites the light in others
It's as simple as a smile
It's contagious.... "