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Port Waikato Water Blessing

 One of the activities held on the weekend was to gather at the Waikato River, bless the water and send our loving energy up the River to Lake Taupo. We were delighted to find out before the ceremony that Dr Masaru Emoto was planning a huge event in  Lake Baikal, Siberia occurring on Sunday 3rd August evening New Zealand time.

We know the effect one person doing something can have - but when 100’s, thousands, or millions join in - imagine the healing that couldl occur!!!

Water Blessing Ceremony at Port Waikato, New Zealand,. Inspired by Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work with water.


Amanda O'Connor offering the Karanga, following in the footsteps of her great, great grandmother Irihapeti Tepaea who was the first store owner at Port Waikato 1838-1859.
Dr Sir Gary Cook swings his Te Purerehua (Bull Roarer) making its evoking sound.



Amanda Playing her Ocarina Flute - in the shape of a Dolphin, calllng to the Dolphins to help with the healing of the water.
Dr Sir Gary Cook speaking

Blessing the water - saying the First Nations Prayer
Tony Dwen speaking


Dr Masaru Emoto's water blessing.
Water, We Are Sorry.
Water, We Love You.
Water, We Thank You.
Water, We Respect You.

 Children participating in the ceremony.